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 Clan Rules

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PostSubject: Clan Rules   Clan Rules EmptySun Apr 05, 2009 8:33 pm

Welcome to EoC forums and enjoy your stay, but while you are on EoC forums and server you must abide by these following rules:

Please read carefuly, 2 times if needed!

1. No LAMING! Laming is attacking a person (in any way) who has saber off OR chat bubble active.
( First lame goes with 1 warning. Second will have the lamer kicked.If he returns and lame again, the player would be possibly banned.

These are the possibly ways to lame :

Saber Down Kills – Attacking a player while their saber is in the off position.

Kicking – Executing a kicking attack on a player for the purpose of knocking them off a ledge or in conjunction with the total definition of laming.

Blitzing – Standing on the sidelines with your saber down, then executing a DFA or other form of Instant Kill / Kata on a player within a FFA battle to take a free kill, and then putting your saber away while returning to the sideline, or on a player that is obviously not participating on the map.

Grapple hits – Using a player to attach your grapple hook to. This can occasionally happen and is relatively harmless but repeated attempts with intent to try to kill by the gradual health reduction per hit will be dealt with.

2.NO GAMING! Gaming is playing some annoying games (laming then running away), etc., or annoy people talking trash. If you want to play something with someone, please ask for their permission first.

3. Be respectful to everybody and Dont swear (foul language). Foul language will silence the player for 1-5 minutes. (It applies to forums too, also, over spamming the forums will result in a possible ban.)

4.No admin complaints on the server! If u dont like an action about an admin please post a topic on the Admin Complaints section! We dont want Drama.

5. If you have a problem with a player or if you see a lamer, use /amsay <Lamer's name> ( admin chat [in console] ) to report them.

6. If you reconnect or disconnect volontary while being admined ( slept/silenced ) you have a chance of being banned.

7. Admins are there for you to help and to keep the peace, please dont bug them ( too much ) with annoying requests such as admin, merc, protect or empower.

8. Admins will give lamers enough warnings and punishment for them to stop laming or disrespecting. If the situation turns very bad and they get banned, the ban sentence will be 2 months, no exceptions.

Thank you for your understanding!
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Clan Rules
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